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Introduction to College of mechanical and equipment engineering

College of mechanical and equipment engineering is one of the oldest colleges in Hebei University of technology, which has formed a distinctive school running characteristics- -Training talents for engineering construction specialty. Existing students in the College three thousand People, including graduate students one hundred and twenty People. The college always takes talent training as the center, adheres to the school motto of "advocating morality, advocating good work and forging new", adheres to the cultivation of morality, adheres to serving national and local economic and social development, and cultivates compound applied talents for equipment manufacturing and other industries and regional economic and social development.

From one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight Since it began to recruit undergraduate students in, the college has trained more than 10000 outstanding graduates, providing a large number of excellent talents for the local and industrial sectors. The social recognition of the students trained by the college is high, and the employment rate and employment quality of graduates keep at a high level.

The college has The master degree program of "Mechanical Engineering" and the right to confer master's degree in "Mechanical Engineering" can recruit postgraduates in the fields of mechanical design and theory, mechanical manufacturing and automation, vehicle engineering, mechanical and electronic engineering, and material forming and processing. The college has six There are four teaching departments, including mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, vehicle engineering, material forming and control engineering, robot engineering, measurement and control technology and instrument, mechanical and electronic engineering( 3+4 )Etc six Four undergraduate majors.

Academic "Mechanical Engineering" is the construction project of "national first-class discipline" in Hebei Province, and "mechanical design and theory" is a key discipline in Hebei Province. The research direction of mechanical engineering discipline is characterized by green mining equipment and its intelligent control, With "intelligent robot system and environmental perception", "advanced manufacturing and precision forming technology", "special vehicle low-carbon intelligent technology" and "industrial equipment detection technology research" as the key research directions fifteen Research teams. The college has "national safety coal mine water disaster prevention and water resources protection technology innovation center", "Key Laboratory of intelligent industrial equipment technology of Hebei Province", "collaborative innovation center of modern equipment manufacturing in Southern Hebei New Area", "Hebei fastener industry technology research institute", "Hebei foreign academician workstation" and "Hebei Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center" "Hebei Province professional degree graduate training practice base". The laboratory area is up to five thousand more than square meter

College Construction "Mechanical manufacturing and automation" "vehicle engineering" two First class undergraduate programs at provincial level, one "Robot engineering" and "measurement and control technology and instrument" major have passed the application for engineering education certification, and are expected to be in the two thousand and twenty-two It was certified by the Ministry of education.

Existing staff of the College one hundred and fifteen Among them, the national advanced workers one Experts in special allowance of the State Council two People, high-end talents in Hebei Province one Hebei special allowance expert one "Three three three talents" in Hebei Province five He is a famous teacher in Hebei Province one Teaching team of Hebei Province one Man, professor thirty Person, doctoral supervisor four Teachers with doctor's degree sixty-two People. Since the 13th five year plan, it has undertaken projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China twenty Provincial scientific research projects fifty And won the provincial science and technology award ten And won the provincial teaching achievement award two Item, published SCI Journal papers included two hundred The invention patent is authorized one hundred and twenty Items, two thousand and twenty Annual scientific research funds one thousand and three hundred Ten thousand yuan.

影音先锋不鲁9988资源站_大香线蕉视频在线观看6_4438XXX2全国最大成人网 影音先锋不鲁9988资源站_大香线蕉视频在线观看6_4438XXX2全国最大成人网. and other enterprises have signed cooperation agreements on production, teaching and research, and have long-term project cooperation with Fengfeng Group, Hebei Guozhi machinery and equipment, Hebei bokelai intelligent equipment, Kaite agricultural machinery and other enterprises.

The college attaches great importance to international academic exchanges and cooperation, two thousand and seventeen Since then, it has held international seminars on advanced materials and engineering applications every year. Academicians of Athens Academy of Sciences were appointed Emmanuel Professor (approved to work station of foreign academicians in Hebei Province), University of Texas, USA Maria Professor (approved as one hundred foreign experts program in Hebei Province), Loughborough University, UK Christopher Professor Wang Shemin and Professor Zhao Liguo (Research on a new generation of personalized metallic stent).

The college always insists on We should build the first classroom education system of Ideological and political courses, quality courses, ideological and political courses, and the second classroom education system such as culture, military affairs, sports, labor, social practice and discipline competition. We should fully implement the undergraduate tutorial system, realize the full coverage of "double leaders" of teachers' Party branch secretaries, and give full play to the role of the Party branch's fighting fortress, Integrate ideological and political education into the whole process of education and teaching. To achieve all-round, all staff, the whole process of education.

It is necessary to construct systematic professional knowledge with mathematics, physics, mechanics, mechanical design basis as the main line, create professional core courses with distinctive characteristics and adapt to new engineering, fully implement the opening of laboratory, encourage students to enter the laboratory and go deep into the production line, so as to significantly improve the students' practical ability, entrepreneurial awareness, innovation spirit and craftsmanship spirit.

    2016 Since then, in China, "Internet" + ”The university student innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the Chinese formula automobile competition, the national university student robot competition, the national college student metallographic skill competition, the national university student advanced mapping technology and product information modeling innovation competition and other competitions, won the provincial and above awards one hundred and seventy remainder. Among them, the two thousand and eighteen Year and year two thousand and twenty Won the National Undergraduate robot competition in ROBOCON Runner up and champion, two thousand and nineteen Year and year two thousand and twenty He won the first place in the high speed obstacle avoidance project of the formula automobile competition of China, 2016-2019 Year after year four Won the first prize of national college students metallographic skills competition. two thousand and twenty In the 13th "Higher Education Cup" national college students advanced mapping technology and product information modeling innovation competition, he won the first prize of individual and the third prize of group for the first time. sixteen People were rated as "three good students" in Hebei Province SCI paper twenty Other articles, authorized invention patents nine , utility model patents fourteen And was awarded excellent master's degree thesis in Hebei Province four And was awarded excellent master's degree thesis nineteen Article.

The school adheres to the concept of international education, expands students' international vision and improves their ability to cope with the challenges of globalization, encourages students to participate in international exchange training programs, and provides certain scholarship support. two thousand and sixteen Since then, the college has thirteen Ten undergraduates and postgraduates went to Germany and Japan for short-term exchange study.

The college actively publicizes A series of measures have been taken to guide graduates to change their employment concept and encourage them to work in hard areas and grass-roots units. two thousand and sixteen Since, this discipline altogether graduate student of academic degree one hundred and six 影音先锋不鲁9988资源站_大香线蕉视频在线观看6_4438XXX2全国最大成人网 People's Government of Cishan Town, Wu'an city, Handan City, 安卓猫咪安装包 Department of Shanhaiguan District Committee of Qinhuangdao City, etc. Employers generally reflect that students are hardworking, willing to contribute, and can take root in the grassroots and serve the front line.

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