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Class 2018 production practice of measurement and control technology and instrument specialty has been successfully completed

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Measurement and control technology and instrument specialty two thousand and eighteen Class a production practice has been successfully completed

eleven month twenty-two Solstice twelve month ten Japan, two thousand and eighteen level Under the leadership and careful guidance of the teachers in the Department of measurement and control, all students of measurement and control technology and instrument major, The production practice lasted for three weeks in the measurement and control laboratory

During the epidemic period, when the students can not go deep into the enterprise practice, how to ensure that the production practice teaching can be carried out is a difficult problem faced by the teachers of the measurement and control department. After all the teachers of the measurement and control department have brainstorming and repeated discussion, the two thousand and eighteen Production practice plan: make full use of the internship funds, purchase electronic equipment and tools, arrange students to carry out the disassembly and assembly practice of waste electronic instruments, and complete the drawing of instrument circuit diagram according to the theoretical knowledge learned, and submit it as the internship results. The practice process is carried out in groups. Each group becomes a team. The team leader, as the team leader, coordinates the whole practice process, including the arrangement of the internship schedule and the division of tasks of the team members. Each student has his own task to complete the test and drawing of some circuits, and finally the team leader integrates the whole circuit. During the internship, a professional teacher will be arranged for guidance every day.

The internship opened up a new mode of school practice, increased the opportunities for students to practice. At the same time, the team cooperation mode improved the students' team cooperation ability, further strengthened the professional knowledge and professional skills, students had a deeper understanding of the specialty, and gained a lot.


Preparation before production practice                        The first day of production practice



The production practice of each group is in progress

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