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The Department of material forming successfully completed the task of hot working practice

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twelve month eight to ten Japan, two thousand and twenty Under the leadership and careful guidance of the teachers in the teaching and research section, all students of the major of material forming and control engineering have successfully completed their major Hot working Internship tasks.

Due to the epidemic situation, the Hot working The practice is mainly carried out in the material forming laboratory. The teachers in the teaching and Research Office are divided into three groups, namely welding group, casting group and other groups. The welding, casting, forging, injection molding, wire cutting, heat treatment and other processes of materials are introduced in detail. And let the students personally experience the welding, casting, wire cutting and heat treatment process.

whole Hot working In the process of practice, the students were enthusiastic and curious about the forming process of materials and realized the fun of practice. For example, in the welding group, the students have a deeper understanding of the welding process by being familiar with the relevant welding equipment and carrying out the welding operation by hand. In the casting group, the students participated in the whole process from sand mixing to pouring, and then to the final sanding. In the other groups, students use WEDM to cut into ideal shapes through computer programming wait

Through this Hot working During the internship, the students broadened their horizons, personally felt the charm of material forming, strengthened their professional knowledge, further consolidated and deepened their understanding of the professional knowledge, and laid a solid foundation for students to engage in material control related work in the future.

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